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Total Victory

One of the longest running and popular TV shows in Japan is Sasuke, or as it is known in the United States, Ninja Warrior. This competition has also become a staple on the G4 television channel in America, and has spawned an American spin-off called American Ninja Warrior. The basic premise of the competition is to endure 4 progressively more grueling obstacle courses to reach what is known as "total victory". Applicants are interviewed or auditioned and trial rounds are held to test their physical ability until the field is narrowed to 100 competitors. Sasuke consists of four stages of increasing difficulty; competitors must complete a stage to advance.
There are times when God puts before us seemingly insurmountable challenges. In Joshua chapter 10, the armies of Israel are confronted with a huge enemy: a confederation of at least 5 kingdoms band together to attack, hoping to achieve annihilation of the new ally of the Israelites, Gibeon.
We also face situations that are hard. Many of God's greatest victories are won in the toughest battles when the victories seem impossible. God’s people have the opportunity for a complete victory over their enemies. It is a great chance, but it also will take a huge effort and great trust in God.
We see that the call of the enemies is to fight in verses 1-5. When God's people start to get victory, it will often cause the enemies of God’s people come together. Why do the enemies of God fight against the victorious believer? In this case, they are united by fear and hatred. In fact, in this case kings who probably had little regard for one another banded together to fight. Their stand against God’s people is brought to light. The victories already won caused the enemies to have to respond. When God begins to work for us, the forces of evil will go to work against us!
We also see the call of the distressed for help in verses 6-7. While Gibeon was a deceiving partner, they were now a partner nevertheless. They needed urgent help; it was likely they would be destroyed the next day if they did not receive it. They were not ashamed to say they needed help, and their need was pressing. They also needed effective help - and lots of it! In fact, they were dependent on help. There are times when God purposely brings us to a place of helplessness in order that He may show Himself strong and help us. We need to learn, just like children, that "we are weak, but He is strong"!
While the Gibeonites were calling to Israel for help, Israel called to God for help in verses 8-15. While we may certainly ask others for help, we better be certain to ask God for help as well. In this case, God’s help was promised. With that assurance, Joshua was bold and led the army to march all night and attack the enemies by surprise. Because they had marched all night, they were able to have the element of surprise, but the element of weakness and tiredness also set in. However, they were on the verge of such a great victory they needed miraculous help, and God provided it. Not only did He stop the enemies, he even stopped the sun and moon to help secure the victory.
While God's people had won the initial victory, they did not yet have total victory. They did not stop until the task was completed by God's grace. They did not get distracted, even by small victories, until they reached the goal of total victory. They do all they can to defeat their enemies while they have the advantage. God delivered their enemies, and they were able to continue for total victory.
Is there more opportunity, more blessings, more victory available for you? Have you settled for a temporary victory, or a small victory, only to lose the battle? Total victory is available for you instead! It will take a greater commitment, perhaps boldness, to have it. It will certainly take God's power. But we must be willing to commit to total victory to see God do His greatest!

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