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Question: What causes pastors sleepless nights and difficulty?

The apostle Paul had a “pastor’s heart”. He had a great care for people. This is so true that we read in Colossians 2:1-7 that he has a great “conflict” for the believers there. This term is literally the term for agony. He agonized over the fragile spiritual state of these believers, even though he had never met most of them. God gave him the burden for all the churches as an apostle, and he took it seriously.
Why was he so concerned? The people there appeared to be easily swayed by false teachers (v.4). The people were being deceived by persuasive words. However, these false teachers were bringing “knowledge” that was not centered on Christ. Lots and lots of people claim to have knowledge of life today, but if it is not centered in God and His word, be careful!
The people are urged to make choices that will bring them spiritual stability. These choices are laid out in verse 2. First, that they might have a nearness to God and the comforting presence of the Holy Spirit at work. Second, they might have a togetherness that comes from being in fellowship with a group of true believers. The purpose of this is for them to gain the “riches of the full assurance of understanding”. This has the idea of having confidence in knowing God and His word. A great many believers don’t have this type of confidence because they have not spent time with God and the Bible.
We are told that in Christ are “all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (v.3). If we are to find treasure today, we would have to have an idea of where to look and a determination to dig until we find it. We do have a relationship with a God that we can treasure. He has provided Christ for our salvation, the Holy Spirit for understanding, and the Bible as a written way to understanding. We have the tools to be spiritually stable. We must choose to be “rooted and built up in him” and plant ourselves close to God. We can then become established or stabilized in Him (v.7).
Will you make the effort to become spiritually mature and stable? There is a lot God would like to do for you if He gets the chance! If you have questions, write and send them to, or call (906) 364-7420. In Christ, Pastor Steve Newman, Havenwood Baptist Church, Hurley, Wisconsin.

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