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Question: How can I keep moving forward with God?

No work of man or ceremony can do this for us. We must turn from our sins in repentance and turn to God in faith and ask Him to save us. When we do that, we are, as the Bible describes it, “born again” and have the presence of the Holy Spirit inside of us. This is also described as having Christ in us. There was a time in my life where I was trying to live the Christian life without Christ, and that is not going to work for you any more than it did for me. Call on the Lord in faith, turning from your sin and He will save you!
Once we initially trust Christ for our salvation, we reach the “start line” of the Christian life. We can then apply the truths of the Bible to our life with God. In Colossians 4:2-6, we see some basics of moving forward spiritually.
This passage is a continuation of Col. 3:12-17, where we are encouraged to put on the new life in Christ. God shows us that we must gain in consistency in order to move forward. The daily disciplines of a Christian will often be the difference between moving ahead or failure in your life. This passage reveals basic truths, that practiced seriously, will help you grow.
The first of these is the importance of prayer. Verse 2 says: “Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving;” and there are three concepts that jump out at us here. First is the importance of persistence. A life with God is not just a phase we go through, it is our life. We must be willing to take it seriously enough to continue or persist. We often wish for some sort of “zap” from God to move us forward dramatically when we should seek to be more faithful in the things we know that move us ahead day by day.
Second is the idea of watching. It is critical to maintain a high state of alertness. This was illustrated in the book of Nehemiah, where because of threat of attack, the people prayed and watched. The builders had their tools in one hand and a sword in the other so they could be ready.
The third idea is to garnish our prayer with thanksgiving. We can pray in a way that brings more honor to the Lord by our expressing grateful praise to God.

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