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Question: How did Jesus conduct Himself at the cross?

As we read of Jesus going to the cross and on the cross in Luke 23:26-49, we can’t help but be struck by His focus on others, not Himself, even when facing death. Author James M. Gray said “Luke's account of the crucifixion is different from the others… Luke shows us "the Man Christ Jesus, suffering, but showing grace even on the cross." It is this amazing grace that shows even more the greatness of our Savior. When He was being put to death, He gives the words of life. When He is being tortured and killed, He does not focus on Himself, but on His Father and humanity.
Jesus interrupts the life of Simon of Cyrene in verse 26. Before Simon met Jesus, he had religion and devotion; but after he met Jesus, he had reality and salvation. He did both a physical and spiritual "about face" that morning, and it transformed his life. God can still use unexpected difficult situations, even humiliating situations, to bring people to the Saviour.
In verses 27-31, Jesus’ focuses the women of Jerusalem on upcoming judgment, not His death. They were there to mourn Him, but He sought to have them mourn over the results of sin of others. When Jesus entered the city on Palm Sunday, He wept over it because of its unbelief.
In verses 32-43, Jesus is among the criminals being crucified. Even here, facing death, He brings words of life to a career criminal facing eternity. Our Lord was crucified about 9 a.m. and remained on the cross until 3 p.m.; and from noon to 3 p.m., there was darkness over all the land (Mark 15:25,33).
While they were nailing Him to the cross, He repeatedly prayed, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do" (Luke 23:34). Not only was He practicing what He taught (Luke 6:27-28), but He was fulfilling prophecy and making "intercession for the transgressors" (Isa 53:12).
The one thief imitated the mockery of the religious leaders and asked Jesus to rescue him from the cross, but the other thief had different ideas. He may have reasoned, "If this Man is indeed the Christ, and if He has a kingdom, and if He has saved others, then He can meet my greatest need which is salvation from sin. I am not ready to die!" It took courage for this thief to defy the influence of his friend and the mockery of the crowd, and it took faith for him to trust a dying King! He was saved by faith without the opportunity of works, but by grace alone. Our Lord, with His last words, cried loudly, "It is finished!" (John 19:30) a declaration of victory. Jesus won His victory over death. Will you be victorious through Jesus?

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