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Teens: Building for the future

How many times have you gone to a graduation and heard the speaker say something like this: "There is so much potential in this room. These students could change the world someday!" If you are one of those students, while you are hopeful, your goals are more often along the lines of being able to find a date and get a job and a car. While young people do have great potential, and they will be taking care of the older generation some day, we can give them a better charge that hanging the old "potential" curse around their necks. When I look at young people, I see someone that has opportunity. They have time, energy, passion, resources, and active, quick minds. While we can all wax poetic about what the future may hold, our time is spent better on what the present holds for the future generation.
I believe what young people need more than ever today is a challenge. A positive, encouraging, energizing vision can capture the spirit of youth and turn it and use it in ways that reflect God's glory. Scripture gives some portraits of young people who caught the vision of the service of God and were able to yoke up with God and be used in a great way. We will look at some of these portraits as we develop a youth page in the near future.
Paul said to his young protege, Timothy, "Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity." (I Timothy 4:12) Paul does not see someone who has "potential for the future", but rather someone who can have an impact today. We can see some of the ways that a young person can have an impact in this verse. First of all, their example can have an impact. Young people are not destined to rebel against all that their parents or the Lord hold dear. In fact, they can learn a great love of God to the point of being examples to others. Young people who love God can put older believers to shame with the amount of dedication and enthusiasm they can have for spiritual things.
Each of the qualities Paul mentions in I Timothy 4:12 can shine forth as an example from a Christian young person. We will examine the qualities of an example of Christian youth in our next article.

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