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Question: How can I keep moving forward with God?

No work of man or ceremony can do this for us. We must turn from our sins in repentance and turn to God in faith and ask Him to save us. When we do that, we are, as the Bible describes it, “born again” and have the presence of the Holy Spirit inside of us. This is also described as having Christ in us. There was a time in my life where I was trying to live the Christian life without Christ, and that is not going to work for you any more than it did for me. Call on the Lord in faith, turning from your sin and He will save you!

Question: What causes pastors sleepless nights and difficulty?

The apostle Paul had a “pastor’s heart”. He had a great care for people. This is so true that we read in Colossians 2:1-7 that he has a great “conflict” for the believers there. This term is literally the term for agony. He agonized over the fragile spiritual state of these believers, even though he had never met most of them. God gave him the burden for all the churches as an apostle, and he took it seriously.

A Soldier's Life

Havenwood Baptist Church hosted a presentation on the armor of God by Colden Hershey of Castra Ministries Sunday, June 23rd. Mr. Hershey is passionate about the study of Ancient History, and the life of a Roman soldier during the 1st– 3rd centuries A.D. He presented a variety of Biblical topics from a historical perspective of the life and times of early Christians, and the Roman legions who occupied the area during that time.


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