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A Mother's Love

With my father passing away in the past few months, it has given me reason to think of my own mother’s life even more. That search has led to consideration of the loving, godly mother. In 1950, the great Scottish American preacher Peter Marshall stood before the United States Senate and he explained it this way:

Total Victory

One of the longest running and popular TV shows in Japan is Sasuke, or as it is known in the United States, Ninja Warrior. This competition has also become a staple on the G4 television channel in America, and has spawned an American spin-off called American Ninja Warrior. The basic premise of the competition is to endure 4 progressively more grueling obstacle courses to reach what is known as "total victory". Applicants are interviewed or auditioned and trial rounds are held to test their physical ability until the field is narrowed to 100 competitors.

Preparing for Conquest

In a military conflict today, the soldiers of the United States are the gold standard in a battle. Why is this? Because the U.S. has a commitment to thorough preparation. As a result, our soldiers are among the most adaptable, the most disciplined, and most skilled military leaders of our time. The same soldiers can carry out a conventional attack, then be able to take action as a military policeman, then act as a guard, and do all of them well. Because there is a commitment to preparation, the soldier can thrive given most any mission.


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