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The Trying of Your Faith

Are you suffering through hard times? In James 1, the instruction doesn't seem to make sense for those under trial. James says, "Count it all joy". Are you serious? It doesn't make it any easier when we think about pleasing God in the midst of a trial. Is God just being mean and sadistic? The answer is "NO!" God wants the best for you, though you may not even realize it.

Communication Matters

Clear, edifying communication is the lifeblood of a believer's walk with God and work with people. Not all communications are so helpful. In the book "The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork", author John Maxwell gives this example of communications gone haywire. It is a series of memos on a college campus:

Teens: Building for the future

How many times have you gone to a graduation and heard the speaker say something like this: "There is so much potential in this room. These students could change the world someday!" If you are one of those students, while you are hopeful, your goals are more often along the lines of being able to find a date and get a job and a car. While young people do have great potential, and they will be taking care of the older generation some day, we can give them a better charge that hanging the old "potential" curse around their necks.


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