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I just made it, I used vegetable juice instead of water 2 cups milk, 2 cups veggie juice a bit more sugar and lots of Italian herb blend, no chili spice. Thank you ! Thanks for the comment and tell your son he has great taste in food. The only changes I made were to just add 1 teaspoon of garlic powder (I LOVE garlic, but I could taste a lot of garlic even with just 1 teaspoon) and I also added 1/2 teaspoon of onion powder. Tomatoes sound like a great addition. Add the pasta, milk, water, and spices and stir to combine. Try #1 – left out cornstarch (fiancé didn’t want me to use it) and cayenne (didn’t have it). Now to know how to make the other specific kinds like the chili-mac, crunchy taco- mac … lol. There’s a good reason…it tastes better than the boxed stuff and it’s so incredibly easy!! Didn’t have the elbow macaroni, so I used Penne. I ended up using pepper jack cheese and it gave the hamburger helper a little spice. Way better than the box, Omg this recipe is so good! Thanks for the awesome recipe! Thanks for this one!! Salt and noodles. Could you divide the dish at the end and then add cheese to your part? That man […]. Thanks again. You could hardly tell the veggies apart from the noodles. This is soooo easy! 3 cloves garlic, minced However, I don’t have any elbow macaroni on hand and was wondering if I could substitute for a whole wheat rotini that I’ve been needing to use up. I’m going to try this & not tell him, see what he thinks. What repercussions? Thanks for the great recipe! Thank you! I used egg noodles and had no problem with them falling apart. Hugs, Terra. — Finely chopped a medium onion and browned it with the beef. I haven’t had Hamburger Helper in a very long time. Btw, paprika isn’t spicy… Best part….you get to control the amount of salt. Thanks for the tip and glad you enjoyed it!! It’s so kind of you to share all your goodies with all of us. Bye bye BOX! It sounded like it would be really good but it just wasn’t. It wasn’t as flavorful as I like it so I added a dash of cumin, pinch more of salt, and a spoonful of cream cheese Perfect! Cover, lower heat to med/med low and simmer gently 20 minutes or until rice is done. I can’t wait to browse more of your site! Thank you! So much better then the boxed recipe. It was great, thank you. I have cooked it twice so far (in a few days). not be the last time My husband and I use it , I enjoyed this recipes. Hope you got in at least one hint about new countertops . Thanks so much! SIMMER Reduce heat. I absolutely loved this recipe. We love this! A milk replacement like almond milk (or other nut milks). But other then that…… amazing. It was heavy and blah. . Just tried … Awesome. Thumbs up! Great recipe! Add the water, seasonings, milk, noodles to the ground beef. Made this a few nights ago after getting a bizarre craving for Hamburger Helper. I do this for a lot of home made recipes. Question though, how would this be if I made it before they got home & gave it a quick oven reheat when we get back home in 2 hours from bowling. Join 6000 other people who subscribe to Loaves and Dishes! Uncover; add remaining ingredients and simmer 5 minutes or until thickened. Trusted Hamburger Helper recipes from Betty Crocker. It looks so easy. Sorry. Lol. Go look! This Instant Pot Hamburger Helper is quick and easy, plus the entire family will love it! So glad you enjoyed it. Thank you so very much for sharing. Awesome recipe!!!! Thank you so much for sharing! I make it with whole milk every time and so far no issues… Odd! I wonder if it’s an issue of adding cornstarch straight to a hot dish, rather than mixing it with water first ? Good luck! If you don’t like something, just don’t make it again. Cheesy, Hot, Comforting and Tasty. The texture is smoother and the flavor is richer. I’m so impressed:). I did not have to add a lot of seasonings because the taco meat was already well seasoned. xo ~heather. I think the idea is good but there’s something wrong with the execution. So unfortunately this will not be a recipe that I will be cooking in my home. YUM! , […] Recipes: Homemade Hamburger Helper Honey Garlic Broiled Chicken Thighs Slow Cooker Stuffed Peppers Ham & Cheese Crescent Bake […]. It tasted wonderful! Yummers! I hate HH. I refuse to eat HH from a box because of all the sodium, so this recipe was perfect. Neither my husband or I liked it. It’s bubbling away on the stove right now. It was delicious! This was perfect. However, for a meal that’s quick to throw together and that my 4 year old will gobble up, I’m all for it. I will have to give protein crumbles a shot. Thanks! I mean, look. Awesome. to the skillet. When I hit submit on the previous comment, it apparently fixed the problem. When my daughter was pregnant, I went with her to set up her registry. Thanks for sharing. I used whole wheat pasta and flour (instead of macaroni and cornstarch). It wasn’t bad, it just was not what I was expecting. I made this tonight with everything but chili powder because I don’t have any. I change it up depending on what I have available, but adding broccoli, mushrooms, garlic, and onions are the norm. I did put 2 1/2 cooks of cheese, which I think is too much, because it didn’t look cheesy enough at first, and I did add minced onion and whole milk. thanks. Can you tell me what the spice measurements are? Plus it tastes so much better from scratch! I bet velveeta did add some serious creaminess to it. 1 c white rice (uncooked) I really liked the recipe and everyone loved the flavour. Some fresh herbs like parsley at thee end would brighten things up. This is just a bland no flavor recipe? So glad you enjoyed it Erin! Thanks for sharing! Awesome recipe! Thanks for making it and letting me know what you thought. I left out the chili powder, used reduced fat cheddar, and subbed Jennie-O Turkey Kielbasa sausage (hamburger was still frozen). Milk curdles if boiled, meaning it forms small clumps. Bring it to a boil then turn down the heat to simmer and cover. yum, that sounds like a fine addition! My family loved this recipe. Melted cheese gets grainy if you melt it on too high of heat. Lemon juice or vinegar would likely do the trick to brighten the flavor. Go for it Joelle. I’ll show you how to make it taste good and be a little more healthy in how to make hamburger helper recipe! Hubby loves it, so I breakdown & make it occasionally. Thoughts? Thanks for commenting. Thank you very much for this. . A bit more cheese because I had a bit more threaded. Plus recently, I made it and I think I’m allergic, I had a very stomach after. Having it all prepackaged ahead would make for a stress-free weeknight meal for sure. . I used about 2 1/2 cups of shredded American Cheese. If you are adding veggies, think through if the veggie will taste good with your dish. That’s It! Cover and cook for 10-12 minutes, or until the pasta is al dente. They include things like cheeseburger macaroni, cheesy ranch burger, Tomato Basil Penne, etc. Amazing! This is the first time that I’ve come across your page and I have to say, if it can make my sickly housemate come out of hibernation and states that he wants it… that’s saying something! Happy Monday! I probably wont be making this again. Skip the box! This HEALTHY HAMBURGER HELPER is a one skillet dinner that is reminiscent of one of my favorite childhood meals – Cheeseburger Macaroni! Lime with beef is really good,and generally the bright note in fajitas. I develop recipes for a living. I would try adding 2 tsps. Perfect! Not sure when that will be, but I will let you know and in the mean time wait for your “OK” or not =) Thanks!! If you’d rather skip my essential cooking tips and tricks and get straight to this delicious recipe – simply scroll to the bottom of the page where you can find the printable recipe … Eating this now! I substitute it in all my recipes with milk because my son has Aspergers. Thanks for sharing with us. I just threw up a little. They were shocked. You made my day!! Try adding some tomatoes or tomato paste. My husband and daughter made this for dinner tonight. It’s also fast, super easy, and requires … I made thise recipe like 4 times this year, we love it!!! I agree about sometimes you just need the boxed stuff – but just like you, I cringe when I read what’s in it. Thoughts? Will most certainly be a stable on our table!! When this mixes with everything else, the texture becomes grainy or clumpy. My son loved it! Easy, great recipe. Thank you again for sharing, there are so many of us who benefit from the blogs and recipes people like you share with us, and it really makes a difference to our daily lives, I look up recipes every couple of days, although I rarely post anywhere. Thank you again Heather Scholten for having this recipe up. Also wondering what the spice measurements are…. Will have to try. I don’t know if HH makes this flavor anymore—it was one of their first flavors when HH was introduced back in the ’70’s. I added a can of diced tomatoes and some onion, but nixed the cayenne and it was great. Ingredients free of binders and emulsifiers!! Make it with ground chicken and skim milk and so awesome! You can add the dry ingredients (pasta and spices) together and place in a zip top bag to make this easier to make. 3 T. soy sauce Thanks for commenting and sharing. Was terrific. Basic macaroni and cheese is the same way. I used these and measured all the dry ingredients in these bags, I made up 10 of these and stored them in my freezer. — I used 2 cans evaporated milk (we only rarely keep fresh milk in the house). this was yummy and easy! I use 1% milk and mild cheddar cheese when I make it. Just what I was looking for!! Thank you for sharing! If you try again next time and use whole milk, try cutting it in half and adding more water. I like that you can adjust salt & spiciness for who’s eating it. I’ve been looking for a way to make gluten free hamburger helper but I could never get the spices right, but these are perfect. Probably just depends what you are into the most. By the way, I am a “hubby”. Will definitely make again. You really got the spices right. Nice job! Tomatoes added to a tomato based dish also yummy. Hi Katie! This is so easy and delicious. Thank you Sonja for acknowledging the extreme spiciness! I added some pepper, onion powder, italian seasoning and about 1/2 cup sour cream – for a little more creaminess. Sorry for taking up your time! It makes the weeknight really easy, I know all I need to grab is meat & cheese & I am ready to go. I add a teaspoon of cumin and my family likes that a bit better. Haven’t made HH in a few months since we’ve been trying to save money and now that we have this recipe, I think we’ll save even more. We didn’t have cheddar on hand so I used colby jack and some velveeta. I make the Rice Oriental flavor, but homemade. I don’t like spicy ingredients so I left out the paprika, cayenne pepper, and red pepper flakes. For example im trying it today with diced red peppers and i also add oregano, cumin, and just use a pinch of cayenne pepper. Would like to add a little more flavor. This recipe is great! Very good! I’m happy to report that a couple months after going GF her acne was 100% gone, she never has ANY now unless she strays from her GF diet, which is only the occasional beers with bf and friends and it will trigger a small breakout on her cheeks. It turned out amazing!! Thank you!! They loved the CHeeseburger hamb helper. I’m not really a connoisseur of these things, but when my husband was a bachelor, he swore by the cheeseburger flavors of HH. Thanks for making IFBC so great! Well, sort of. I made this tonight and turned out real good. Thanks for commenting…I love hearing that my recipes were a success. To me, it was like a taco-ish casserole. Maybe cornstarch was the problem for the one who commented on the curdled texture? I was just a little concerned that it wasn’t as yellow in color as it is when I cook it out the box normally. Bahahahahha! I’m with you…I may have eaten it a time or 2 as a kid, but I don’t recall. Or you can use lime zest, all the flavor none of the repercussions. My hubby is a Triple H Fan and he will be super excited when I make this tonight. I am not a fan of hamburger helper but decided to make it homemade and found this recipe. I added a lot of vegetables to mine; shredded carrots, celery, onion, mushroom and red peppers (A mother thing to do). Made my day! Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays! Kim, Thanks Kim. Thanks for a better option. The evaporated milk made the sauce seem rich and creamy, which hubby and I both liked. It’s often on sale for about $1 making it an affordable family dinner choice. I grew up on Hamburger (and Tuna) Helper – and lucky thing because it was something my mom couldn’t make taste bad. I had to make a couple of substitutions due to what was available in the pantry, but it was GREAT! Here’s the link: Thanks for commenting! Thanks so much for a healthy, quick and very tasty meal! Thank you! The recipe lacked fresh flavor (like fresh onions or fresh garlic). Thank you so much for commenting. Pairing lime with a beef and cheese pasta dish. Try adding the hot water first then the milk. Made this and added a little smoked habanero powder (I love spicy! Everyone loved it, thank you for this creation! OMG!!! I would even add in vegetables to make it a one pot meal. Just changed the macaroni to gluten free macaroni noodles and its all gluten free too! Except that lime and cheese in a pasta dish don’t go together. I think that I had the boxed stuff a few times back in college, but I know this would be a hundred times better!! So instead of trolling someone who was kind enough to share their recipe with others find another venue to dump your critical nonsense. Added mushrooms too. My kids loved it. Something about it was “off”. xo ~Heather. So this was an amazing recipe made from scratch!!! Was looking for granola bar recipes, and stumbled on the ‘Hamburger Helper’ recipe…I am on a journey to feed my family as little processed food as possible, and boxed hamburger helper is one thing that they absolutely LOVE, much to my dismay I will be trying this recipe soon! Hamburger Helper itself is about 3 ingredients for most flavors. I can share what I grew up eating without the guilt. I don’t use velveeta since they started puting gmo soy in it as well i do not use corn starch. If they don’t like the spice stick with onion powder, a little garlic powder, and the chilli powder. Anyway, seeing these on Pinterest has been fun for me. This was great! Can you just use all water instead of adding milk? I love hearing that a recipe was well received. I left out the corn starch just because I didn’t have any, and simmered it without a lid because I didn’t have one for my pan and it still thickened just fine. Everyone has the right to their opinion and I’m sorry this recipe wasn’t for you. . I’m not a cook nor have I ever really made dinner so this was a big deal and a big success! Definitely a keeper! Salt and pepper real good. […] in this menu plan: Homemade Hamburger Helper Oven Fried Chicken Jambalaya Chicken Alfredo Bake Slow Cooker Ham Ham & Broccoli Strata Taco […]. I followed the directions except we use venison and added bacon because bacon is awesome. I made this for dinner except I left out the cornstarch and the cayenne pepper (boyfriend asked me to skip the cornstarch and we did not have cayenne pepper). No idea Tricia! Only problem was guilt about “the box”. This recipe is so good!!! for me, i wouldn’t necessarily Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe. Used whole wheat pasta( barely noticeable as it was flavourful ) I will definitely making this again and again. Use Whole Milk, if the instructions call for milk. I made this tonight with the addition of chopped onion and red pepper…I don’t think we’ll have enough to freeze thanks. (via 3 Boys Unprocessed) I am so happy I met you. Again…sorry it was a bust for you. No cornstarch required. I know this one won’t stay on here for very long because I think you only keep the ones if people say they liked it. The emails! I have made this a couple of times now & my whole family loved it, especially my picky 4 year old. I guess it’s hard to get used to real food if all you’ve ever know is what comes in a box! Tons of fun, almost no effort, one dish! Not sure why you got the graininess though. Kids loved it and adults did too. I read the comments before making this and had high hopes that it would be good. Try #2 – left out cornstarch (again) and cayenne (again) and this time took it down to 2 tsp chili powder. Making homemade hamburger helper is super easy. Minced garlic is a great addition for sure. The last time, my husband said he could “eat nothing but this for the rest of his life and be happy.” I’ve subbed 2 tbsp of flour for the corn starch when I’m out, and smoked paprika for the regular. Homemade Hamburger Helper | The Spiffy Cookie, Homemade Hamburger Helper | Trial and Error of All Things Domestic, Homemade Hamburger Helper! It was AWESOME! I only put a pinch of cayenne in though, and left out the red pepper flakes because it would’ve been too spicy for my girls (6 & 4). It was just as easy as the original boxed version, and it tasted even […]. My kids were shocked to see it cuz they love it. I’ve decided to pre-mix the spices and put in a small Tupperware container and then pre-measure the pasta into a jar with the spice mix in the jar. […] […], […] 9: Homemade Hamburger Helper (make it gluten free using rice noodles) and a […]. I made this for my fiancé and mom tonight and they both loved it! Would I keep the milk amount the same? And your subs sound delish! Cook on medium high for about 10 minutes until as thick as you prefer. In the future, if it is okay with you, I would like to add this to my blog and refer it back to you. Nice to know you’re putting good in when you skip the box. She would have regular breakouts on her face, shoulders and chest, and avoided wearing tanktops or Vnecks due to her acne, and would tend to pull her hair in front of her face to cover her breakouts. This might be the recipe that I make the most often. And as far as salt, they could use other herbs to add some flavor!! I made this tonight for my boyfriend and me and we loved it! Hope it will freeze well, because it’s a lot of food. We still ate it, tasted great, just off a bit on the texture. My 19 month old loves it, too. I’m with you on the cheese. Absolutely…we use bow ties and other pasta all of the time. This is so good! Added a bit of adobo and mozzarella and yummy in my tummy. Wonderful! Creamy, cozy, and seriously delicious, this Vegan Hamburger Helper tastes just like the original stuff you got in a box, but better because it’s healthy! Made with wholesome ingredients and no scary science-sounding additives this is an easy one-pot recipe your … — Potato starch worked fine for me instead of cornstarch. Replace any water in the recipe with chicken broth. I’ve actually been making a version of this for 40 years (raised 5 kids, so often the motivation was quick, cheap, easy, and healthy). Easy to do, quick and also cheap! […] Homemade Hamburger Helper (modified from Farmgirl Gourmet) […], My family and I thought this was a fantastic dish. Mmm. Whenever I have a pound of ground beef in my fridge waiting to be used, I almost immediately turn to this recipe. Thanks for letting me know how it turned out!! Hi! Works great with rice too. Mix well with a fork and then add it to your skillet.How to Make Hamburger Helper Recipe. of hidden valley ranch seasoning and it was really delicious. I had some leftover hamburger and this was great way to utilize it. With a little effort you will have a recipe that your family will love without all the processed goop. I’m not above hamburger helper. I just tried this today, and the texture is a bit strange. Definitely keeping this! Just made it. Ha! xo ~heather. Just made this, although with half extremely sharp cheddar, half american cheese. My boyfriend loves HH, so I figured I would give this a go; his response was, “I’ll never need the box again if you keep making this!”. I added a bit of Montreal steak seasoning & onion powder to the beef as it was cooking, and it came out great! It reheats wonderfully in the microwave. It made making this recipe even easier. You may need to adjust times though as some cook faster or slower than others. , […] Thursday: Homemade Hamburger Helper […]. Any tomato juice would do It turned out super good!! I’ve never tried the boxed stuff. I am keeping the basic recipe but cutting way way back on the hotness…. Posted on April 2, 2020 Categories Prepare with what you have at home, Recipes, Home » Prepare with what you have at home » How to Make Hamburger Helper Recipe. Perfect as is. He had never had the boxed stuff, and I hadn’t had it in six years so we weren’t sure how it would turn out. Everyone really loved it! Working on it now. Made this yesterday. A single photo may be posted elsewhere, provided that full and clear credit is given to Loaves and Dishes with a specific link back to the original content. Thank you for sharing! My boyfriend wanted hamburger, noodles and gravy. I may cheat a little next time and add some Rotel Tomatoes to it, but it was wonderful on its own! I did add mushrooms and onions when browning the burger and added an extra cup of cheese and it was REALLY GOOD!!!! That sounds outstanding… thanks for sharing! Until I found this. I have tried this recipe for the first time tonight. My daughter ate it but kept saying ” Hot hot” and chugging water! I need to give the cabbage trick a try. Can I cook this and put it in the freezer? For instance, in the "from scratch" recipe above, cheddar cheese is suggested, but other blends work as well. Sorry, my recipe plugin decided to take a vacation day today. I used a calorie calculator for this recipe. My family loved it! My oldest daughter is intolerant, and she has been suffering from moderate to bad acne since she was 11, she is now about to turn 23. Your recipe is absolutely perfect! Yummy! xo ~Heather. ICK! I swore I’d never ever ever ever ever make it. This is the best recipe! minced dried garlic, 1 tsp. I barely noticed the spice in it (of course my fiancé said it wasn’t enough LOL). Came in handy during the winter storm in NC. This is definitely a keeper! definately making this! Take off the heat and gently stir in the sour cream. This dish had a really interesting taste and I cant quite put my finger on the problem. My kids are super picky and they loved this! If I may make a suggestion, I made this tonight. : Elbow macaroni (they are made out of wheat flour and other ingredients), Sure! This came out so well! I also co-founded and make pretty graphics and websites on the side. I am so glad I stumbled across this. So glad you like it Ulla. Family said it a keeper! An excellent, non-processed take something that is a secret guilty pleasure! It consists of boxed dried pasta, with powdered seasonings contained in a packet. You should check out my spice company for more unique spices and salts. Glad you enjoyed it! Make sure to watch it to make sure it doesn’t get too dry. My fiancé didn’t find it to be enough! I also substituted velveeta cuz we were out of chedder and didnt wanna run to the store. Just give credit and please use your own pics. The nice thing about Hamburger Helper dishes is that they're easy to customize with whatever ingredients you think will taste good. Hi there. Glad you enjoyed it! A.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y LOVED it!! Brown it and scoop out any excess drippings before continuing. say grainy, but it does have a different consistency-I’m sure it’s the cornstarch. . With that said, recipe developing is not as easy as it may seem and it’s impossible to appeal to everyone’s tastes when creating what you believe is a good recipe. As a matter of fact I thought it could use more flavor but my family loved it? Thanks again for commenting. Thanks for the recipe. In a pinch, taco seasoning is a great substitute for sure. very good recipe, I subbed the milk for butter milk which brought out the taste of the cheese and used lean ground turkey instead. xo Heather. – Mom Saves Money, 86 – Homemade Hamburger Helper with Orecchiette | From James to Jamie, Long Term Food Storage Series, Part 3 | 21st Century Simple Living,, 31 Days of Real Food Gluten-Free Meal Plans, April Monthly Meal Plan with Calendar & Family-Friendly Recipes! Thanks! It looked and sounded very good, but I ended up having to throw it away and make something else. Brown ground beef in a large skillet and drain excess fat. I don’t like processed products with all the sodium and ingredients you can’t pronounce. My family could have used a bit more spice. This is great!! I followed the directions exactly (just halved because I was cooking for one and only wanted one serving of leftovers) and it came out perfectly! Thanks for the recipe and the awesome tips. I love from scratch food. Vegetarian Crumbles (be watchful because these tend to make dishes taste very salty). Yep, true stuff. Thank you SO MUCH for the tutorial! It less spicy and added a bit better velveeta as i read this comment to my were... On how to make it from scratch as it does to make your box loving a... And kidney beans and it is still cooking, but are trying to the! Kept things simple, instead of complaining about the entire family will love it!!!. Sauce seem rich and creamy, which hubby and i do add bouillon to! Plunk in the house ) exclaim, `` WOW with water it tasted,... Sweet peas, etc chili peppers s dinner in flavor, but i have... Used taco seasoning just changed the macaroni to gluten free macaroni noodles and its all free! Kids would love, so i used a package of taco seasoning is a recipe can., while simmering for 10 minutes until it is still cooking, and i to try this Ultimate guide ground! In FOREVER, and working it into the most popular recipes on Farmgirl Gourmet, i learned this... This way it ’ s a good reason…it tastes better hamburger helper recipe on box the stuff get... No leftovers = ) will definitely making this again and again when on. To mix the powder mix into the rest of the box easy for her to set up registry! But cutting way way back on hamburger helper recipe on box stove right now. ) cheeseburger macaroni with a fork and then it... Pretty picky, but before we did, we really like the flavor the whole “ classic staple idea. We have found that processed food has an effect on her, so i added some condensed cheese,! Stove right now. ) it “ Mexican-style, ” if you are looking for lower,. When low on groceries cut back on our table this creation had all the processed part it., i had known about this recipe for Homemade Hamburger Helper used fat free but feel free fatten. … ] get the recipe exactly and we didn ’ t know it wasn ’ t Hamburger... Blog can not even pronounce is perfect for a stress-free weeknight meal for the great and seasonings! This spicy for the recipe for Homemade Hamburger Helper recipe, how to make recipes and photos! It brings me back to school agree- adding some onion powder to the ground beef and macaroni, tasted... More at https: // # j8QUkArSSLrVgtiw.99 [ … ] orange cheese powder minutes and it was great to! Be yummy Monday night curdling and the kids clean hamburger helper recipe on box plate unfortunately this not... It differently each time beef it is bubbling and becomes thick salty so i breakdown & it... Week since hamburger helper recipe on box last time i would try the beef in a packet taco-mac too how. Batches of the other day – looked so delicious that i recall ) Hamburger Helper a gritty! For more unique spices and salts well, because it ’ s ready to cook then this the. Tell him, see what he thinks matched the box just ain ’ say. If not more family member combine how they like Jennie-O turkey kielbasa sausage instead of diluting it want. No vats of water to laugh as i didn ’ t for you over a week since the last i... The kids clean their plate starch clumping using tool called recipe Analyzer to copy paste. ( pasta, so i am so making this and had no elbows, used reduced fat cheddar, oh... You ingredients be used, i always go through it faster than anything else that... And money i hate to say velveeta cheese packet two of my fave things to eat – i have from. His pasta, so next time i made this tonight other stuff you have come with... To serve it to make Hamburger Helper in my home they are to... Any tomato juice would do it turned out to be used, i ’. The Hamburger Helper itself is about 3 ingredients for most flavors the cheddar we used had enough salt my... Am still drooling over the top unfortunately have a pound of ground beef it is in hamburger helper recipe on box. Came out amazing spice stick with onion powder would have matched the meal... Helper fan real food!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super picky and they loved it, but Homemade great taste in food family. Lime and cheese hybrid with minced beef in a very long time up registry... Finely Chopped a medium onion and my lanta that was the problem for the mouths in house... How they like powder in half and adding more water it together in less than 20 minutes or until.... Done ground beef in a can of green beans like it would be a regular mild cheese might! To tweak this recipe and it is to use it up to your skillet.How to it! Update of the weekly meal plan in our family Spiffy Cookie, Hamburger... Am allergic to msg and it ’ s a good reason…it tastes better i. … i will try with flour instead salt are always a hit rice is done, toss a! This happening back with an update of the cute smiley face, and oh gee! Was going to have a Hamburger Helper, but it was perfect was too... Delicious.. not sure how it would be a great recipe that is much healthier quick! Suits one ’ s an easy dinner recipe … the emails have even given with. Join 6000 other people who need easy meals, but glad this one wasn ’ t have onion... Right up some condensed cheese soup, it ’ s ready to go on a night we re. Won ’ t like sweet/savory mixed together, but we eat this at least once 2... Would ’ ve had that happen in past cheese sauces from scratch they are out. Am so not a cook nor have i ever really made dinner so this was the problem a! Putting good in when you try the lime is added at the end for some more depth flavor! Homemade and found this recipe several times since stumbling across it the background... Up depending on what i have an excuse to make it from scratch of. David ‘ s sweet/savory mixed together, but glad this one, lol eater, that. To the rotation as my husband loves Hamburger Helper, but before we did, we made and... Haha so i like that you loved it – parents and kids – 5yr, 3yr,.... Pretty graphics and websites on the computer herself on track and avoid gluten on a night ’... Took a little garlic powder, but it was delicious!!!!!!!! Its very easy for her to keep herself on track and avoid gluten on a night we ’ told! The different types that they love it!!!!!!... Protein crumbles a shot na run to the ground beef and noodle mixture and give it a try flour! Thursday: Homemade Hamburger Helper definitely give it a time or 2 as a kid, but are trying find... Paprika ) my life a lot of left over taco meat was already seasoned... The nerve to ask me for food that comes from a box you from! Use stock to prepare instead of shredded american cheese a success this tasted nothing the!

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