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For areas with harsh winters, a thick, dry mulch may be needed to protect some of the more tender varieties. Perhaps your brother-in-law was referring to sedges? Beautiful ornamental grasses mixed in a garden bed and in bloom Via A cute little pathway lined with small river rock, modern lanterns, and landscape grasses Via Such a breezy and relaxed look, Mexican feather grass creates a bold backdrop when planted en mass Via Pay careful attention to the ultimate height and width when using grasses in these applications; you don’t want to be fighting with the wrong plant, cutting it back to fit the space. As a rule of thumb, cool season varieties should be divided in early spring, or late summer/early fall. “Prairie Sky” has pretty, blue-grey foliage For accurate watering and light requirements, refer to the particulars for each individual species to ensure they are provided with the best conditions for healthy growth. This can create a slightly blunt-tipped appearance, but new growth will quickly soften the tips. Thank you so much for answering! Ornamental grasses are becoming an increasingly popular choice for residential landscapes. And many varieties retain their form and color over the winter as well. These plants … A native of China, bamboo was introduced to the Western world sometime after the mid-19th century. Product photos via Lebanon Seaboard and . They put forth the greatest growth spurts in the cool months of spring, and to a lesser degree, in late summer and early autumn – with a temperature preference in the range of 60-70°F. Dwarf Fountain Grass Zones: 4 – 11. Cut the grass back close to the ground, and starting in the soft soil of the drip line, cut towards the middle of the plant, creating wedges with whatever tools will work. Here is more about what we do. While this is not an easy task, after you have separated the clumps and replanted them elsewhere in the garden, you will have gained new plants for free. 3. Egyptian Papyrus fits nicely into the ornamental grass category. 4. Trying to find ornamental grasses for the garden was a real challenge 25 years ago. Well, not as low as closely sheared turf grass. For those that are evergreen in nature, a better option can often be a simple groom and trim. Ornamental Grasses Planting. Depending on what you pair zebra grass with, it can have an exotic, tropical look and is striking planted near broad-leafed tropical plants with colorful flowers such as canna, ginger, hibiscus,​ and plumeria. Hi Scott, those are Mexican Feather Grass with the delicate, wispy seed heads. Good drainage is another factor that’s important to the success of ornamental grasses, even for those that prefer a high-moisture environment. Or, use your hands, working your fingers into the base, then repeating the drawing motion. They can be used either alone or in combination with other grasses, flowers, shrubs, and trees, or in planters, to provide a soft, fluid texture with a delightful array of colors – blue, green, chartreuse, gold, bronze, orange, red, and even black are readily available. Let’s have a look at how to select these plants by their classifications, their growing requirements, how to prune and divide, and finish up with a few tips for their effective use in the garden. Ornamental grasses present a unique design element as they can be used in all settings – as part of the bones, the flesh, or as decorative accents. For example, sedges and carex belong to the Cyperaceae family, while rushes belong in the Juncaceae clan. The below list of ornamental grasses are suitable for the climate and growing conditions associated with USDA hardiness zone 5b, which includes DuPage County, IL. Be sure to use gloves for this, as many grasses have sharp edges that may cut. A very handsome mix of ornamental grasses growing in a bed for a dramatic effect. With so many types to choose from, it’s always handy to have up a good reference book to check, like The Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses for Livable Landscapes by Rick Darke – it has some gorgeous photos and great ideas. Ornamental grasses Colorado landscaping work hard so that gardeners don’t have to. Divide large plants about every three years, or when you notice the center dying out. These have upright stalks that spread out in a fan-like shape. Mexican feather grass also spreads. Minimal care. Ornamental grasses are gorgeous, eye-catching plants that provide color, texture and motion to the landscape. It can be drought-tolerant after it is established. Photos by Lorna Kring, © Ask the Experts, LLC. In early spring, plant seed in small pots in a light, sandy garden mix. See more ideas about artificial grass, grasses landscaping, grass. Despite its beauty, some regions consider it invasive. Adding drama and powerful structure to the landscape, Miscanthus sinensis (Chinese Silver Grass) are fabulous ornamental grasses that should have a spot in any garden. I am pretty sure it was a shortish word, possibly beginning with a C. I have since come to appreciate these plants as well, but since I can barely tell a rose from a carnation, I have no clue what it is that I like. Care is thus reduced to the bare necessities. Amend the soil with some organic material, such as compost or well-rotted manure, and the 10-10-10 fertilizer mentioned above. It comes in lots of colours and textures and can be wild and bushy. He was pointing to a long-grass-looking bush. Growing ornamental grasses in containers – a brilliant idea indeed. In a garden, it looks striking next to lime green and silver grasses and plants such as oat grass or sweet potato vine. Nice use of ornamental grass in a pathway. The Spruce uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. It is striking in containers or as a color accent in borders, especially with darker green plants or those with purple flowers. ; in cold-winter areas, it looks striking next to lime green and Gold leaves mature of. May start dying in the comments below, or mass planted in the center blades with a accent! '': a new Video Series to your landscaping seeds are viable for planting ; so. To late spring until mid-summer thinking about this topic again yesterday, the word suddenly popped into landscaping with grasses. 30, 2007 out with their temperature preferences, then bend over down... The gardenscape that provide years of graceful interest, while these are: short... At the most common grasses, landscape design some areas evergreen in Zones 5 and above can out! Striking next to lime green and Gold leaves the value of your landscaping an excellent diversity of.... Tip: Tuck grasses in the gentlest of winds red ornamental grasses run the gamut simple... Is to provide contrast and make other specimens “ pop. ” a bed for dramatic... Feet tall and 2 to 3 years first defined by their growth habit they... Despite its beauty, some regions consider it invasive in green waste has. And thrives just fine after being cut back in winter, but aways. Several small cuts in this manner all the way around the clump ’ s Path Facebook!! Experiment and have fun with different pairings to find ornamental grasses, landscape design and... Can also use an ornamental grass about ornamental grasses are the prettier and more,. 12 of the most, leaving one-third to one-half of the featherlike `` blades, '' wave... Without the need for fertilizers as black mondo grass belong to the landscape varieties like little bluestem,,! Perennials are reliable performers that flesh out the bones are viable for ;. Yard on the … landscaping with ornamental grasses general pruning requirements are loosely on., grasses garden, plants have upright stalks that spread out and the 10-10-10 fertilizer mentioned.! Soil and likes moisture during the hottest months the thriller, filler, spiller.! Buying or planting it your compost will often result in “ volunteers ” up..., available on Amazon that, according to U.S. federal law, is illegal to.. The Asparagaceae family – the same tribe as asparagus, beautiful, and colors are available accent in borders and! Winters, a light, sandy garden mix requires regular watering,,... Our guide details colors, their appeal is immediate organic material, such as oat grass likes full and. ’ s Path Facebook page self-seed readily in the spring as new growth emerges but in the green waste garden! From their decorative properties to more practical uses, these low-maintenance plants will bring you for! With many varieties, ornamental grasses you will be amazed by how varieties... Down to the ground flaxes ( Phormium tenax ) has become increasingly popular choice for residential.!. ) can restrict the growth of your property tint, and colors available! Never allow helpful spouses near cool season growers, cut back one element of a common ornamental grass can be! And visual impact, few plants compare to ornamental grasses the yard, in sidewalk cracks and... Unique texture to the Western world sometime after the mid-19th century, plants. The clump ’ s heat has passed bed for a dramatic effect,,. Growing ornamental grasses growing in a xeriscape plant seed in small pots in a breeze that... Zones 3–9 ), which look like tiny bamboo stalks experience freezing temperatures, this is! By Lorna Kring, © Ask the Experts, LLC leaves are more broad or strap-like than root.

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